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Market Update September 2021

Kia Kaha Tamaki Makaurau, you’re doing it tough, for yourselves and the rest of us around Aotearoa. We appreciate it. Here in the Mighty Waikato, it’s still “all on” for SME’s and businesses, despite the increasing challenges (supply line issues, cost inflation and staff shortages), of the global pandemic. Recently I was fortunate again, to be part of the Waikato Chamber of Commerce - 2021 Business Awards Judging Team. We have som...

September 30, 2021

The emotional reality of business

Business & Business Sales is always about people. Beyond any successful sale transaction & commission paid to ABC Business Sales are the more important clients involved. It really emotionally impacts me, when I come across SME owners, who are dealing with the negative consequences, of not considering their future options & engaging with business professionals well ahead of decision time. Real scenario I've been trying to assist w...

September 20, 2021

New year, new business goals

Well after what 2020 delivered us, it was fantastic over the festive holidays to catch up with family, have some rejuvenation time & get into the forest at Rotorua on my MTB. Hope you’ve enjoyed (or still enjoying) a decent holiday break, reflected on last year’s challenges & many unexpected positives, plus thought about your ambitions for 2021. I’m so grateful we’re in Aotearoa with our borders closed & being managed (to date) effectively. Now being Covid-19 free in our community, we’...

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