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New year, new business goals

What has 2021 got in store for us?

Well after what 2020 delivered us, it was fantastic over the festive holidays to catch up with family, have some rejuvenation time & get into the forest at Rotorua on my MTB. Hope you’ve enjoyed (or still enjoying) a decent holiday break, reflected on last year’s challenges & many unexpected positives, plus thought about your ambitions for 2021.

I’m so grateful we’re in Aotearoa with our borders closed & being managed (to date) effectively. Now being Covid-19 free in our community, we’re able to enjoy relative normality with life, recreation & business. Despite this, we all have a responsibility to each other, not to become complacent & do our part regarding health protocols & the contract tracing app.

Optimism for the year ahead

I returned to the office & business last week, with a level of optimism about 2021, excited to take advantage of all the great opportunities it will bring. As you can see from this update (& the ABC Waikato website) we’re seasonally light on good businesses to market locally. This is the result of good sales results achieved for our vendor clients in the second part of last year, combined with the strong existing client & new buyer demand to invest in businesses.

This year of economic recovery & rebound is an excellent time to sell or purchase a business. Looking forward to talking, and/or catching up with you to confidentially discuss either scenario.