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The emotional reality of business

Business, it's always about people

Business & Business Sales is always about people. Beyond any successful sale transaction & commission paid to ABC Business Sales are the more important clients involved.

It really emotionally impacts me, when I come across SME owners, who are dealing with the negative consequences, of not considering their future options & engaging with business professionals well ahead of decision time.

Real scenario I've been trying to assist with, over the past week, referred to me my another business professional. Couple in their late 60's have built & operated a small business for many years, however due to health & other factors financial performance has declined substantially over the past 3x years. This year had a difficult move of the business & substantial stock, to a new larger, but more expensive premises.

Meanwhile, have been trying unsuccessfully to market their business, privately on Trademe, for an unrealistically high price. Subsequently, husband passes away suddenly & now wife left to run the business & desperate to sell the business.

These situations, the emotional & financial impact on people, shouldn't happen....................................