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Market Update September 2021

All on for SMEs

Kia Kaha Tamaki Makaurau, you’re doing it tough, for yourselves and the rest of us around Aotearoa. We appreciate it.

Here in the Mighty Waikato, it’s still “all on” for SME’s and businesses, despite the increasing challenges (supply line issues, cost inflation and staff shortages), of the global pandemic. Recently I was fortunate again, to be part of the Waikato Chamber of Commerce - 2021 Business Awards Judging Team. We have some amazing, successful and growing businesses (especially internationally focused) based here in Hamilton.

The recent data on the business sales market, paints an interesting picture:

  • Business Purchase enquiries are 31% up
  • ABC Business Sales website traffic is 52% up
  • ABC Business Sales volumes are 47% up
  • Nationally business sale prices are 16% up
  • Whilst new business listings are 15% down

So “it’s time to get down to business”, whether you’re considering the future options for your business, or wanting to investigate one of the businesses myself, or ABC Waikato is currently marketing for sale, please give me a call to discuss confidentially, and/or meet.